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Preparing Your Business for the New Internet

Keeping up with all the changes and advances that are happening with search and the internet is a difficult and challenging task. Understanding how those changes affect the way in which business is done and what you need to do to remain competitive can be even more daunting.

At Industrial Web Solutions we make it our business to keep you informed and to help you find the most cost effective solutions that make sense for what you are trying to accomplish. Throughout the year we post informative articles in our monthly Industrial Web Talk newsletter and our blog at And we are here for you all year long to clarify your options and provide you with effective marketing materials and strategies that help you to build your business both online and offline.

Update Your Website:

In 2010 Google introduced Instant Preview, which is a search engine tool that allows users to click on a small magnifying glass for a preview of the web page the link points to. If they don't like what they see they won't even click on the link.

This is just one of the many changes introduced that is affecting the way users behave online. Update your website now to fulfill the growing expectations of your targeted audience groups. Demonstrate your level of professionalism and service by ensuring your website provides your site visitors with the highly focused information, tools and pleasurable experience they expect.

Given the competitiveness of the online landscape it is more important now than ever to stop looking at your website as a brochure or your online catalog and start treating it as your hardest working online sales agent, available to solve problems, answer questions and process requests locally, regionally, nationally or worldwide 24/7. Make sure new technologies work for you and not against you. With a professionally designed and search engine optimized website, Google Instant Preview can work to bring more targeted visitors to your site.

Contact a representative now for your FREE Website Evaluation to understand what is working and what is making you lose potential business. The free evaluation provides you with a basis to discuss the tasks you need your website to perform and the specific goals you want to achieve.

Get Professional SEO:

With more than 66% of the search market share, Google remains the industry giant. The introduction of 'Caffeine,' its new indexing technology, continues to change the way the Google search engine indexes and delivers web pages in order to keep its results as current and relevant as possible.

Search engines are not a static environment. As they make changes so must you in order to reap the benefits they offer and stay ahead of your competitors. Ensure your web pages reach your targeted buyers as they search for what you offer with professional search engine optimization.

New Considerations

In keeping with the vast technological changes and new ways of doing business, Industrial Web Solutions is proud to offer new services for your consideration.

  • Google Apps for Business:
    With the growth in popularity and power of 'cloud computing,' enabling real-time document creation, storage, communications and collaboration over the internet, Google Apps for Business offers you a robust, cost effective suite of applications that are interoperable with a number of desirable third-party web apps for accounting & finance, admin tools, customer management, calendar & scheduling, project management, sales & marketing and so much more. For those who require a customized solution, Industrial web Solutions provides custom extranet solutions that are seamlessly integrated with Google Apps for Business. Call (800) 399-9859 to learn more.

  • Local Marketing:
    Whether you are marketing globally or just locally, targeting cities, counties, or regions important to your business is a great way to reach more of your intended audience. Industrial Web Solutions has developed resources and strategies to help you reduce costs and generate new business within specified geo-targeted areas.
  • Public Relations Management:
    PR is not just for the big and powerful any more. Industrial Web Solutions, through our association with AIMG, has access to Vocus/PRWeb, the PR industry's leading PR Management solution. Industrial Web Solutions can help you uncover opportunities, develop captivating stories, and get your news out to the media. Call (800) 399-9859 to learn more about IWS's PR and Publicity services.

  • Industrial Web Search:
    The world's only industrial search engine that is not based on category search. You choose the keywords and phrases you want to identify your products and services. Add, Edit or swap them out any time 24/7 to ensure you are using the terms that reach your targeted buyers. Call (800) 399-9859 to learn more and to take advantage of the great savings for joining now!

    Visit the engine at

After many years working with a variety of industrial clients, our team at Industrial Web Solutions has proven strategies and tools to help you make the changes necessary to establish and maintain your competitive edge. Through intelligent planning and a phased-approach you can effectively manage your budget and make the updates you need to increase leads and make sales in 2011. Stay on the winning side of technology.

Call (800) 399-9859 now to speak with an IWS marketing specialist about your goals and your options.

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