Local Search Marketing for Local Business

Are Your Local Customers Finding You Online? Stop Drowning in a Sea of Results!

Get Found by the Right Traffic! And Boost Your Business!

Local search marketing means targeting the local areas you serve online. Don't give up business to your competitors. Get listed and get found.

IWS offers Small Businesses a Local Search Marketing Visibility Program with just what you need to get started and get found!

  • Visibility Benchmark Report
    Know where you and 3 of your competitors are online today and then again in 30 days!

  • Actionable Visibility Insight
    Understand what needs to happen to develop your online identity and authority in the search engines, including how to leverage social media and pay-per-click campaigns to generate visibility and sales. We'll provide you with the analysis and recommendations to help you reach more customers online and boost your sales.
  • Web Listings
    Don't be hurt by inaccurate, unverified information supplied by database providers that appears in hundreds of web directories found everywhere online. We'll claim your listings and create accurate, effective profiles optimized for local search.

  • Web Analytics
    Use verifiable site data to understand if you're reaching your target local customer groups. If you don't already have Google Analytics installed on your current site, we'll give it to you and then show you how to understand the valuable information it provides.

You could compete and succeed in online arenas you may not even know exist!

Sign up for the Local Search Visibility Rescue Program before September 30th and we'll give you one hour of marketing consultation for free! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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