Industrial Web Solutions Website Design Process

Industrial Web Solutions Website Design Process

The steps involved in creating a website are no different than any other production process. The outline below shows you exactly how your project will be taken from an idea to a finished product.


Like anything else, the planning of the project is the most important part. Starting with isolating your main goal, we will create a blueprint for your site. After defining the elements of the project, you will be delivered your design, navigation and site map. Everything to be created will be documented and delivered to you so that everyone involved in the process is literally on the same page.


Working from the blueprint, the production team will then get to work creating your website. Your Project Manager will keep you informed as production moves on, so you always know where you stand. And our Quality Assurance team will make sure everything is completed according to the original blueprint. No surprises.


Once the production phase is complete, you will be able to review each and every page via our client portal. Ask questions, make comments or approve the work from one location without worrying about emails or faxes. It's quick and easy, and because you have the final say, you don't have to worry about things being anything less than perfect.

Post Launch Support:

After your site goes live, the IWS support team will always be there for you. Whether its report analysis, email services, or working with you to promote your new site, you can count on IWS. You don't stop being a client when the project is finished. We want you to succeed.

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