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IWS delivers all of its clients high performance, reliable hosting and top of the line email services. And in order to ensure the highest level of service for all of our clients, we only host websites that we build. Enjoy the benefits of having a single source to turn to for all of your online needs, and take advantage of the reporting packages we offer that are designed to give you the information you need no matter your budget.

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Reporting Options

IWS offers a variety of reporting options for all of its clients. Recording and understanding activity on your site is as important as any other communication your company receives. Good information regarding your website activity is the only way to know what works, and what can work better. To make it easy for you to decide on the level of information you want, IWS offers the following options.

Self Service, Server-Side Reporting Tool.
IWS offers you a complete picture of all of the activity on your website via a tool you can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Server Side reporting is a record of all visits to your website, and offers a wealth of information for you to review. Take advantage of a tool that allows you to zero in on the information important to you.

Self Service, Client Side Reporting Tool.
Client Side reporting is a tool that brings even more information to you regarding your website. With Client Side Reporting, IWS embeds information into all of your web pages, which records activity at a level that server side reporting cannot equal. With Client Side Reporting, you get the information most important to you, in a format that is designed to empower you.

IWS Report Delivery.
Perfect for anyone looking to receive the information they want on a regular basis, IWS offers a reporting solution that brings the information you need right to you. Choose to receive your reports once a month, or once a quarter. Have them delivered to your inbox, or access them through our online client services center, IWS does the work, and you have the information you need.

IWS Analysis.
Need more than the raw facts? Let IWS deliver you a comprehensive analysis of the traffic on your website, and what it means to your business. Leverage the experience of our professionals to give you information about what the activity on your site means. How are people finding you? What do they do when they find you? What are you doing right, and wrong? Analysis services are available with any of the reporting options we offer, and can be delivered as many times per year as you need them.

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