Local Search and Local Marketing

"74% of internet users perform local searches." (Kelsey Group)

Reach Your Target Local Audiences

Have you thought about how profitable it could be to target local buyers through local search and local marketing? Did you know that "20% of searches on Google are related to location?" And with typically around 12 billion searches per month in Google alone, there are on average 2.5 billion local searches performed monthly.

Generate Opportunities at a Lower Cost Per Lead

According to a recent TMP/comScore study, "61% of local searches result in purchases." Additionally, because a local business search tends to be further along in the buying cycle, conversion rates are typically higher and the cost per lead acquisition generally lower, which means greater sales opportunities for you.

How Industrial Web Search Can Help You Succeed:

Map Listings
Claim and develop accurate and effective optimized local listings in Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps and other frequented online location and direction services. Map listings appear in mobile search results as well, serving Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry users in particular!

Web Listings
Don't be hurt by inaccurate, unverified information supplied by database providers that appears in hundreds of web directories found everywhere online. Claim your listings and create accurate, effective profiles optimized for local search.

Social Media
From account set-up to content development and scheduling, social media is used to enhance your brand locally, manage your online reputation, and develop your 'authority score' in Google for the keywords corresponding to the local content you represent.

Local SEO
Optimize your web content to enhance local search visibility and to target potential customers nearby as they actively search for what you offer.

PPC Management
From account set-up and keyword development through effective ad writing and comprehensive campaign management, PPC management targets your local audience to increase leads and boost sales.

Optimized Web Design
Benefit from web pages designed to perform well organically for local search. Enhance your online visibility to attract and convert your targeted local audience groups.

Tracking & Reporting
Increase sales opportunities by understanding the effectiveness of your web content, keywords, and traffic sources to attract visitors you can convert from leads to sales.

Help local customers find you with Local Search and Local Marketing services from IWS.

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