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The roots of Industrial Web Solutions and our industrial internet marketing and web design team go back more than seventeen years, to the emergence of the Internet as a genuine force within the Industrial marketplace. AIMG was already working with industrial manufacturers on their print advertising when more and more companies became interested in websites. AIMG rapidly expanded to accommodate the growing need for quality website development, and over the next few years worked with over 1000 companies, creating one-of-a-kind designs and offering service unmatched in the industry.

Over time, Accurate continued to grow and began working on larger and larger projects, including enterprise level online applications. But it never forgot where it started, and still offered clients superior service and quality, no matter the size of their project. As the company grew, one group of employees wanted to do even more to preserve the foundation of their success.

In 2006, that small group went to the owner of AIMG and proposed the concept of IWS. The idea was simple: create a company that would offer clients the best service and product available in the industry, and focus it on the people whose needs built the company in the first place: Industrial Manufacturers. The plan was to leverage their years of experience building and marketing websites into a simple, effective process that would fit both the needs and the budgets of smaller companies.

Joseph DeMicco, the owner of AIMG, was intrigued by the idea, and challenged the team to develop their own model. "I was delighted by the fact that the group cared enough to bring me the idea, and was excited to help them make it a reality. They saw IWS as a separate company, so I helped them realize all of the elements that needed to be in place for that to happen. "DeMicco worked with the team the whole way through to make sure that the new company would grow from a strong concept to a strong business, but challenged the core group to deliver the necessary pieces.

So they went to work, and delivered Industrial Web Solutions, from soup to nuts: the website, the collateral, the workflow, everything. All of the things they had been doing for years were put to good use as they defined the needs of IWS, and used the processes they had refined over the years to get the work to answer those needs completed quickly and efficiently.

The result of the project is Industrial Web Solutions ( Born from the desire of a group of dedicated employees to serve, and built on a history almost as old as the World Wide Web itself, IWS offers companies in the industrial marketplace cost effective online solutions with a level of service and quality that represents the best in the industry.

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