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Search engine optimization is the best way to get your site in front of more customers. The best time to start the SEO process is while your site is being built or re-designed, but any site can be optimized at any time. The Industrial Web Solutions process makes it easy to get your site indexed by the major search engines, and in front of more people searching for your products and services. Our process has brought real results to our clients, and can do the same for you. And our services are available independently from each other. It's not an all-or-nothing proposition.


The foundation of the Search Engine Optimization process is the analysis. Your IWS team will work with you to determine the basics. What words do you want to optimize for? What pages of your site do you want to optimize? What are your competitors doing? All of this information will then be used to create your Optimization Plan.

Reporting and Reccomendations:

Your IWS team will take the information gathered during the analysis phase and create reports that will tell you where you are, and offer recommendations on where to go from there. Your IWS SEO specialists will look at the words chosen, your existing site and what your competitors are doing to create your Optimization Plan.


After the Search Engine Optimization Plan is determined, IWS will implement the changes on your website. New copy, optimized titles, meta-descriptions and keywords will be built into your site to let the search engines (and your customers) know exactly what your pages are about.

Post Launch Support:

After your site has been optimized, you can keep tabs on the success of the project with one of our reporting plans, or reach even more customers by taking advantage of other IWS Internet Marketing services. From Search Engine and Industrial Directory Submissions, to a Pay Per Click Campaign, IWS can help you grow your online business in the ways that fit your overall marketing plan and budget.

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